First Store by ALEXA and Sellpy made second-hand shopping 
an experience. 

March 2023

The concept of the winning team in the retail competition First Store by ALEXA Vol. 4 became reality at ALEXA at the end of March 2023. Sellpy @ ALEXA made the No. 1 secondhand online store from Scandinavia an experience at ALEXA and integrated secondhand into the everyday life of the visitors. It was the first stationary Sellpy pop-up in a shopping center. 
In 2022, the innovative retail competition First Store by ALEXA was held as a university edition in cooperation with three creative universities. With their project Sellpy @ ALEXA, the winners - a team of three students from the macromedia Berlin University of Applied Sciences - rethought the topic of secondhand. Their initial question: How can sustainability, secondhand and the circular economy be designed as an attractive happening to appeal to the target group of the ALEXA? The answer: in the form of a sustainability event in cooperation with the secondhand online store and sales service Sellpy. 

Online goes offline: three days of secondhand event at ALEXA

From March 23 to 25, Sellpy @ ALEXA now took place as a three-day secondhand event on Metropolis Court, the prominent event space at ALEXA. 
For this purpose, a large temporary pop-up store was set up - with shopping, info and DJ. Here you could meet, listen to music, network, browse high-quality "pre-owned" fashion and buy it directly. On Saturday, March 25, one could also meet fashion influencers who have their own "influencer stores" on the Sellpy platform live at ALEXA; an additional attraction for ALEXA's young target group. The event was accompanied by an extensive social media campaign on Instagram and TikTok. In short: Sellpy @ ALEXA's overall concept fits perfectly with ALEXA's young, hip target group.



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